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Taper clamping bushes

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    Информационные материалы

    Taper clamping bushes are machine elements which connect a machine shaft with a hub part positively and non-positively. The machine shaft must be designed as a cylinder with a keyway. The hub part must have a conical mounting hole with special threads and forcing-off holes.

    Each Taper clamping bush size is available with a large number of metric or imperial holes in inches and can therefore connect the respective hub part to shafts of different diameters.

    Область применения

    Taper clamping bushes are used in BIPEX, ELPEX-B and ELPEX-S coupling types. Taper clamping bushes are also used in pulleys, sprockets and, with the aid of a welded-on hub, in other components.


    Taper clamping bushes are designed with a cylindrical bore and a parallel keyway. A Taper clamping bush has a tapered outside diameter and fits into the taper bore of the hub part. The Taper clamping bush has a slot running along its length. To fit, half blind holes are drilled in the Taper clamping bush, while on the opposite side half thread turns are cut in the hub part. With the aid of the fitting bolts, which are supported on the base of the blind holes, the Taper clamping bush is pushed into the taper bore. The Taper clamping bush is compressed, thus generating a parallel key and clamp connection between shaft and hub part.

    To dismantle, the fitting bolts are removed and screwed into the forcing-off threads. The forcing-off threads are cut half in the Taper clamping bush and half in a blind hole in the hub part. When the forcing-off bolts are fitted, the Taper clamping bush is forced out of the taper hub bore. The connection is broken.

    The Taper clamping bush and the fitting and dismantling bolts are always screwed in from the larger outer diameter side of the taper.

    The torque is transmitted via the clamping connection and the parallel key. No axial fixture is required with normal axial forces, as the clamping connection is sufficient.


    Grey cast iron EN-GJL-220 to 250
    alternatively Steel in quality Re > 300 N/mm2


    Hub parts must frequently be provided with a finished bore to receive the machine shaft. In the case of very economically priced hub parts, this remachining is frequently costlier than the component itself. With the Taper clamping bush, a very simple and economically priced shaft/hub connection which can be used without remachining is achieved.

    Although the dimensions of the Taper clamping bushes are not standardized, standard dimensions have become accepted, so that replacement Taper clamping bushes are nearly always available locally. Since in Europe and North America unfortunately different fixing bolts (UNC and BSW threads) are used, these Taper clamping bushes are not interchangeable.

    Thanks to standard dimensioning, Taper clamping bushes can be used in different hub parts, thus facilitating storage. Taper clamping bushes are also standard stock at many specialist dealers and so are readily available.