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Devices for special requirements

  • Информационные материалы

    Информационные материалы

    Fully-enclosed IP65 devices

    The fully-enclosed IP65 SIMATIC devices (SIMATIC Industrial Flat Panel PRO, SIMATIC Flat Panel PRO, SIMATIC Thin Client PRO and SIMATIC IPC477D PRO) are specially designed for mounting on a supporting arm/stand. Thanks to their extremely rugged design, the devices are ideal for industrial applications in harsh environments.

    Fully-enclosed devices with stainless steel fronts

    The fully-enclosed SIMATIC devices with stainless steel fronts (SIMATIC IPC277D 19" INOX PRO and SIMATIC IFP1900 INOX PRO) are specially designed for mounting on a support arm/pedestal. Thanks to their flat enclosures, the devices are ideally suited to space-saving use on food and beverage machinery and packaging machinery.

    Devices for hazardous areas

    The SIMATIC Ex devices (SIMATIC Panel PC Ex OG, SIMATIC HMI Panel PC Ex and SIMATIC HMI Thin Client Ex) are intrinsically safe Panel PCs and Thin Clients that have been specifically developed for hazardous areas "Zone 1" and "Zone 2".

    Portfolio expansion for PRO!
    • SIMATIC IPC477D PRO (19", 22" display)
    • Next generation of extension units
      • For mounting on all widescreen PRO devices
      • Slim and modern design
      • Complete flexibility in the choice and installation of operator controls
      • Multiple connection options