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Embedded bundles/software packages

  • Информационные материалы

    Информационные материалы

    Fast and efficient getting started with PC-based automation

    Our embedded bundles for PC-based automation are based on rugged, fan-free embedded industrial PCs:

    • Nanobox PC SIMATIC IPC227 and Microbox PC SIMATIC IPC427 or
    • Panel PC SIMATIC IPC277 and SIMATIC IPC477

    They are pre-installed, configured, and ready-to-use with the SIMATIC S7-1507S / SIMATIC WinAC RTX (F) Software Controller and/or a version of the SIMATIC WinCC Advanced visualization software.

    Software packages with SIMATIC WinAC RTX (F), SIMATIC WinCC (SCADA, Advanced, Professional) are available for all SIMATIC IPCs. Ordering the automation software together with an industrial PC results in significant price savings.

    Embedded bundles

    Embedded bundles are embedded IPC configurations with pre-installed software, specially designed for automation and visualization tasks.

    • All embedded bundles are based on rugged, fanless SIMATIC IPCs.
    • Various CPU performance classes are available for different applications. From Intel Atom CPUs for simple open-loop control and visualization tasks all the way to Intel Core i7 CPUs for complex automation solutions.
    • Pre-installed and configured with the SIMATIC S7-1507S / SIMATIC WinAC RTX (F) Software Controller and/or SIMATIC WinCC RT Advanced visualization software.

    Furthermore, bundles with WinCC RT Professional as client or single-user station are available for the SIMATIC IPC427D / IPC477D.


    • Fast commissioning thanks to preinstalled software
    • IPC hardware and software perfectly tuned to each other
    • High system availability in order to reduce the risk of potential failures and maintenance costs
    • Maintenance-free since no rotating parts (fans, hard disks) and operation without battery possible
    • NVRAM can be written by the WinAC RTX
    • SIMATIC software system-tested
    • Long-term availability:
      Service and support period of 8 to 10 years after market launch

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