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3RV19 infeed system

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    The 3RV19 infeed system is a convenient means of energy supply and distribution for a group of several motor starter protectors or complete load feeders with a screw or spring-type connection up to size S0 (exception: this system cannot be used for the 3RV11, 3RV16 and 3RV1742 motor starter protectors/circuit breakers).

    These devices with spring-type connections are available in the SIRIUS modular system up to 5.5 kW at 400 V AC. The motor starter protectors and load feeders with screw terminals for sizes S00 and S0 can also be integrated in the system at the same time.

    The system is based on a basic module complete with a lateral incoming unit (three-phase busbar with infeed). This infeed with spring-type terminals is mounted on the right or left, depending on the version, and can be supplied with a maximum conductor cross-section of 25 mm2 (with end sleeve). A basic module has two sockets, onto each of which a motor starter protector can be snapped.

    Expansion modules are available for extending the system (three-phase busbars for system expansion). The individual modules are connected with an expansion plug.

    The electrical connection between the three-phase busbars and the motor starter protectors is implemented through plug-in connectors. The complete system can be mounted on a TH 35 standard mounting rail to IEC 60715, and can be expanded as required up to a maximum current carrying capacity of 63 A.

    The system is mounted extremely quickly and easily, thanks to the simple plug-in technique. Thanks to the lateral infeed, the system also saves space in the control cabinet. The additional height required for the infeed unit is only 30 mm. The alternative infeed possibilities on each side offer a high degree of flexibility for configuring the control cabinet: Infeed on left-hand or right-hand side, ring infeed or infeed on one side and outfeed from the other side to supply further loads are all possible. A terminal block with spring-type connections in combination with a standard mounting rail enables the integration of not only SIRIUS motor starter protectors, but also single-phase, two-phase and three-phase components such as 5SY miniature circuit breakers, or SIRIUS relay components.

    (1) Three-phase busbars with infeed

    A three-phase busbar with infeed unit is required for connecting the energy supply. This module comprises one infeed module and two sockets, which each accept one motor starter protector. A choice of two versions with infeed on the left or right is available. The infeed is connected via spring-type terminals. They permit an infeed with conductor cross-sections of up to 25 mm2 with end sleeves. An end cover is supplied with each module.

    (2) Three-phase busbars for system expansion

    The three-phase busbars for system expansion allow the system to be expanded. There is a choice of modules with two or three sockets. The system can be expanded as required up to a maximum current carrying capacity of 63 A. An expansion plug is supplied with each module.

    (3a) Expansion plugs

    The expansion plug is used for electrical connection of adjacent three-phase busbars. The current carrying capacity of this plug equals 63 A. One expansion plug is supplied with each three-phase busbar for system expansion. Additional expansion plugs are therefore only required as spare parts.

    (3b) Extra-wide expansion plugs

    The extra-wide expansion plug establishes the electrical connection between two 3-phase busbars. As such, it performs the same function as the 3RV1917‑5BA00 expansion plug; the electrical characteristics (e.g. current carrying capacity 63 A) are identical.

    This 3RV1917‑5E expansion plug is 10 mm wider than the 3RV1917‑5BA00 expansion plug and as such there is a distance of 10 mm between the connected 3-phase busbars when the plug is connected. This distance can be used to lay the auxiliary current and control current wiring ("wiring duct"). The motor starter protector and contactor can be wired from underneath, which means that the complete cable duct above the system can be omitted.

    (4) End covers

    The end cover is used to cover the three-phase busbar at the open end of the system. This cover is therefore only required once for each system. An end cover is supplied with each three-phase busbar system with infeed. Further end covers are therefore only required as spare parts.

    (5) Plug-in connector

    The plug-in connector is used for the electrical connection between the three-phase busbar and the motor starter protector. These plug-in connectors are available in versions with screw terminals for sizes S00 and S0, or with spring-type terminals for size S00.

    (6) Contactor base

    Load feeders can be assembled in the system using the contactor base. The contactor bases are suitable for contactors of size S00 with spring-type terminals and are simply snapped onto the three-phase busbars. Direct-on-line starters and reversing starters are possible. One contactor base is required for direct-on-line starters and two are required for reversing starters. To assemble load feeders for reversing starters, the contactor bases can be arranged either below each other (45 mm overall width) or alongside each other (90 mm overall width). It is important to note that mechanical interlocking of the contactors is only possible when they are arranged vertically.

    The infeed system is designed for mounting on a 35 mm standard mounting rail with 7.5 mm overall depth. This standard mounting rail gives the contactor base a stable mounting surface to sit on. If standard mounting rails with a depth of 15 mm are used, the spacer connected to the bottom of the contactor base must be knocked out and plugged into the standard mounting rail mating piece, which is also located on the underside. Then the contactor base also has a stable mounting surface. When standard mounting rails with a depth of 7.5 mm are used, the spacer has no function and can be removed.

    As an alternative to using a contactor base, the 3RA1911‑2E electrical link modules can also be used for direct start load feeders of size S00. Motor starter protector and contactor assemblies can then be directly snapped onto the sockets of the three-phase busbars. For feeders of size S00 and S0, the corresponding 3RA1911‑1.... or 3RA1921‑1.... link modules should generally be used. For size S0, it is only possible to integrate direct start load feeders, they must be integrated in the system as complete assemblies.

    (7) Terminal block

    The 3RV1917‑5D terminal block enables the integration not only of SIRIUS motor starter protectors but also single-phase, two-phase and three-phase components. The three phases can be fed out of the system using the terminal block; which means that single-phase loads can also be integrated in the system. The terminal block is plugged into the slot of the expansion plug and thus enables outfeeding from the middle or end of the infeed system. The terminal block can be rotated through 180° and be locked to the support modules of the infeed system. In addition, the TH 35 3RV1917‑7B 45-mm standard mounting rail option for screwing onto the support plate facilitates plugging the single-phase, two-phase and three-phase components onto the infeed system.