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    Область применения


    Safety switches with separate actuator are used where the position of doors, covers or protective grilles must be monitored for safety reasons.

    The safety switch can only be operated with the matching coded actuator. Simple overruling by hand or auxiliary devices is impossible.

    Devices are available with enclosure versions to suit the particular ambient conditions. Different control tasks can be performed with the best contact blocks suited for the particular purpose. Dimensions, fixing points of the enclosure are in accordance with EN 50041 or EN 50047 standards. The devices are suitable for use in any climate.


    IEC 60947-5-1 or EN 60947-5-1.

    The protective measure of "total insulation" by the molded-plastic enclosure is guaranteed by the use of molded-plastic screw glands.

    Safety position switches

    For controls according to IEC 60204-1 or EN 60204-1 the devices can be used as a safety position switch. They comply with the standard EN ISO 14119. A TÜV certificate is available. To secure position switches against changes in their position, keyed techniques must be employed on installation.

    Safety circuits

    Standards IEC 60947-5-1 and EN 60947-5-1 require positive opening of the NC contacts. In other words, for the purposes of personal safety, the assured opening of NC contacts is expressly stipulated for the electrical equipment of machines in all safety circuits and marked in accordance with the IEC standard 60947-5-1 with the symbol q.

    Category 3 according to EN ISO 13849-1 can be attained with a safety switch with separate actuator if the corresponding fail-safe evaluation units are selected and correctly installed, e.g. the 3SK or 3TK28 safety relays or matching units from the ASIsafe, SIMATIC or SINUMERIK product ranges.

    Category 4 can be achieved when using an additional 3SE5 safety switch. Technical specifications


    The 3SE5 safety switches with separate actuator differ from the previous series through the following new characteristics:

    • All enclosure sizes with increased corrosion protection.
    • All enclosure sizes are optionally available with an LED signaling indicator.
    • The three-pole contact block 1 NO + 2 NC is available for all enclosure sizes.
    • The plastic enclosure has simple and fast wiring equipment that makes it possible to achieve time savings of approximately 20 to 25 % when connecting.
    • The ASIsafe electronic component is integrated in the enclosure for the versions with AS-Interface connection (see page 12/99); an additional adapter is not required.