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    Engineering and visualization

    IO‑Link – more than just a further interface

    IO‑Link is a smart concept for the uniform connection of switching devices and sensors to the control level by means of a low-cost point-to-point connection.

    The IO‑Link communication standard below fieldbus level enables central error diagnostics and localization down to actuator/sensor level, and facilitates both start up and maintenance by allowing parameter data to be dynamically changed directly from the application.

    The increasing intelligence of field devices and their integration into automation as a whole now allows data to be accessed right down to the lowest field level. The result: greater plant availability and less engineering work.

    As an open interface, IO‑Link can be integrated into all standard fieldbus and automation systems.

    The advantages of IO-Link at a glance

    • Engineering → reduced engineering times
      • Standardized, open system for greater flexibility (non-Siemens IO‑Link devices can be integrated in engineering)
      • Uniform, transparent configuring and programming through integrated engineering (SIMATIC STEP 7)
      • Unassigned function blocks for SIMATIC for easy parameterization and diagnostics, and for reading out measured values
      • Efficient engineering thanks to pre-integration of Siemens devices into SIMATIC HMI
      • Low error rate in CAD circuit diagram design as a result of reduced control current wiring
    • Installation and startup → reduced start-up times
      • Faster assembly with minimized error rate as a result of reduced control current wiring
      • Less space required in the control cabinet
      • Low-cost circuitry where there are several feeders by making unlimited use of existing Siemens components
    • Operation and maintenance → greater system availability
      • High transparency in the system right down to field level
      • Reduction in down times and maintenance times thanks to system-wide diagnostics and faster fault correction
      • Support of predictive maintenance
      • High transparency through integration into energy management systems, reading out of current values and diagnostic signals
      • Shorter changeover times, even for field devices, by means of parameter and recipe management

    Transparency in the process through IO‑Link

    High system availability and data transparency are market requirements that must also be met by the connecting of innovative control technology to a control system. A systematic diagnostics concept and efficient handling of parameter data are required for this purpose in automation.

    With the aid of the IO‑Link communication standard, a communication link is established between switchgear and controller, and this allows data to be exchanged efficiently. Based on a standard cable, it is therefore possible to integrate parameter, process and diagnostic data and measured values into the plant automation with ease. For example, the available diagnostic data allow potential errors to be detected quickly, thus avoiding lengthy plant down times.

    As a consequence of their basic function, such as overload protection (SIRIUS 3RB24 solid-state overload relays for IO‑Link), many controls have measured values. The availability of these via IO‑Link now allows conclusions to be drawn at an early stage concerning wear and tear in the application.

    At the same time the option of parameterizing via IO‑Link supports the device not just when parameters concerning operating time are changed, but also when the device is replaced. In the case of a spare part, for example, the parameters can be quickly transmitted to a new device via the communication system.

    More information

    Home page, see http://www.siemens.com/io-link

    For important topics at a glance, see https://support.industry.siemens.com/cs/ww/en/view/109737170