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    Информационные материалы


    AS-Interface – the smart communication standard for universal connection of the field level to the control system

    The AS-Interface (AS-i) – the Actuator-Sensor-Interface, to be more precise – is a smart bus system for the field level that connects all the sensors and actuators in the field to the higher-level control system more simply, flexibly and efficiently than any other.

    The structure of a complex automation system is not always clear at first glance. The field level in particular, with its large numbers of devices with real-time requirements, needs a clear structure.

    That is exactly what the AS-i fieldbus delivers: Via a simple two-wire cable – the yellow AS‑i cable – in an AS‑i network up to 62 bus nodes can be connected to the AS‑i master and simultaneously supplied with power. The standard here is robust data transmission in a rugged environment with a high degree of protection for the AS-interface.

    AS-i from Siemens has everything in its favor

    • Complete AS-i product range for bus-based standard and safety technology from a single source
    • Integration of the Siemens AS‑i devices into the SIMATIC programming and diagnostics concepts and into the TIA Portal engineering framework
    • Integration of ASIsafe applications into SIMATIC safety programming (e.g. Safety Advanced, Distributed Safety)
    • Planning, calculation and verification of the whole safety chain based on ASIsafe in the Safety Evaluation Tool (TÜV-approved)
    • Integration of lower-level AS-i networks into the PCS 7 process control system
    • Global spare parts logistics, consulting and service

    More information

    Home page, see http://www.siemens.com/as-interface


    Engineering in the Totally Integrated Automation Portal (TIA Portal)

    The TIA Portal – as a key component of TIA – is an innovative engineering framework for all automation tasks. It combines control programming and configuration of visualization, and integrates the parameterization of operating mechanisms and networks, together with the programming of failsafe applications.

    The TIA Portal is particularly intuitive to operate. For example, configuring is easy using drag & drop from the hardware catalog, and you get realistic displays of all network nodes and components down to actuator/sensor level.

    In addition, the engineering framework allows you to get started quickly in safety programming by means of a library with certified safety functions.

    Device and network diagnostics

    • Diagnostics and error signals can also be tracked through all bus hierarchies down to the lowest actuator/sensor level and described in plain text. The basis for this is a realistic depiction of the bus topology concerned.
    • The TIA Portal also sets standards where efficiency is concerned. Data from lower-level AS-i networks can be flexibly integrated using drag & drop based on SIMATIC HMI and WinCC. All you need do is "drag" the signal information from any AS-i slave into the control display of an HMI basic panel.
    • Furthermore, integrated web servers and diagnostics based on user‑specific websites allow the data from all connected AS‑i networks to be displayed and integrated into user‑specific control concepts.

    Whatever your industry, the TIA Portal allows you not just to work more efficiently, but also to achieve lasting increases in productivity and competitiveness.

    For more information see http://www.siemens.com/tia-portal.

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    More information

    Home page, see http://www.siemens.com/as-interface

    "AS-Interface” system manual

    • German: https://support.industry.siemens.com/cs/de/de/view/26250840
    • English: https://support.industry.siemens.com/cs/de/en/view/26250840