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Commissioning SINAMICS S120 in the TIA Portal

  • Информационные материалы

    Информационные материалы

    Hardware configuration from generic station description file (GSD/GSDML)

    The following functionalities are available with the GSD/GSDML configuration in the TIA Portal:

    • Control
      • SIMATIC technology objects and blocks for controlling the drives are already integrated
      • Synchronization of SIMATIC technology objects and the SINAMICS drives
      • Support of application-specific drive control through user-defined PLC data types (UDTs)
    • Safety Control
      • Fail-safe control through an intuitive block
      • Support of customer-specific, fail-safe control through user-defined fail-safe PLC data types (F‑UDTs)
    • Message classes are available throughout the system without engineering effort (SIMATIC PLC Web server, HMI, S7 controller, TIA Portal)
    • Parameters downloaded in above data block (block is generated in STARTER)
    • Routing across network boundaries for remote maintenance
    • Generating a device-specific GSDML file by means of a STARTER-integrated script
    Commissioning tools


    For further information, refer to section "STARTER commissioning tool"

    SINAMICS Startdrive:

    In future, SINAMICS Startdrive will be a tool integrated into the TIA Portal for configuring, commissioning, and diagnosing the entire SINAMICS drive family. The SINAMICS Startdrive commissioning tool has been optimized for user friendliness and consistent use of the advantages of a common working environment for PLC, HMI and drives provided by the TIA Portal.

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