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Configuration with EPLAN

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    Configuring with EPLAN

    EPLAN is engineering software for configuring electrical installations. The EPLAN platform combines expert systems for various disciplines, such as electrical, fluid and EMSR engineering, as well as control cabinet and plant engineering. It provides the wiring information required to determine the optimal laying routes, connection lengths, bundle diameters, and design of the cable tree.

    EPLAN Electric P8 – an EPLAN module – is CAE software specifically for configuring documentation and managing electrical automation projects for machines and systems. EPLAN Electric P8 offers the following functions:

    • Creating circuit diagrams for control cabinets
    • Managing article master data
    • Automatic generation of bills of materials, terminal plans, PLC diagrams and overviews
    • Preparation of the documentation for the configured system
    • Design of the mechanical control cabinet configuration
    EPLAN macros for SINAMICS components

    EPLAN Electric P8 macros are available as downloads without charge, so that SINAMICS components can be easily and cost-effectively integrated into an EPLAN project. Macros are available for the following components:

    • SINAMICS G120P, PM330 Power Modules
    • SINAMICS G130 built-in units
    • SINAMICS S120 chassis units
    • SINAMICS DCM DC converters
    • Line and motor-side components
    • DC link components
    • Control Units
    • Supplementary system components

    Using EPLAN Electric P8 macros substantially shortens the configuration time. All the necessary information about a component is supplied at the press of a button. This ensures that the data is up-to-date and correct – and mistakes/errors can be avoided.

    EPLAN user interface

    The macros are provided in the file format EDZ (EPLAN Data Archived Zipped). An EDZ file is an archive for article master data, CAx data and macros. A macro in EDZ format contains the following data:

    • Internal circuit diagrams
    • Wiring diagrams
    • Product master data
    • Product images
    • Data sheets

    EPLAN Electric P8 macros for SINAMICS components are available in the following tools:

    • Drive Technology Configurator (http://www.siemens.com/dt-configurator)
    • CAx Onlinemanager
    • Image database (download)
    EPLAN projects for SINAMICS converter cabinet units

    EPLAN projects are available for SINAMICS converter cabinet units, that simplify the configuration, and save time throughout the entire engineering process. EPLAN projects are available for the following converter cabinet units:

    • SINAMICS G120P Cabinet
    • SINAMICS G150
    • SINAMICS G180
    • SINAMICS S120 Cabinet Modules
    • SINAMICS S150
    • SINAMICS DCM Cabinet

    The complete EPLAN project is supplied on a separate DVD-ROM together with the converter. The order is made by stating an additional Article No.

    EPLAN project: Control cabinet layout


    EPLAN project: DRIVE-CLiQ topology


    EPLAN project: Circuit diagram

    The following data are available when you purchase the DVD-ROM:

    • EPLAN project as a ZW1 file
    • Updated, customer-specific, project article master database
    • List of the article nos. created in the project
    • A PDF version of the project

    The EPLAN project includes the following documentation components:

    • Title sheet
    • Table of contents
    • List of the structure identifiers used
    • Single-line diagram
    • General layout, external view
    • General layout, internal view
    • Circuit diagram
    • Terminal diagram
    • Connector diagram
    • Parts list
    • Order list/complete parts list