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Automatic door controls

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    Automatic Door Controls


    SIDOOR Door Control Systems

    Door control system is the general term for a controller of an access system.

    The SIDOOR product family is primarily intended for the operation of sliding doors, whereby these doors can be operated both horizontally and vertically.

    Door control systems are characterized by the fact that there are always two defined states for the open and closed position of the door.

    The door is always controlled, regulated and moved between these two positions in accordance with the guidelines of the respective application.

    In a defined learn run via "1-button operation", the door system independently determines the values for the door width, the dynamic door weight and the drive direction of the geared motor and stores these data in a non-volatile memory.

    The optimum drive characteristics at the door are automatically calculated and are consistently adhered to.

    The travel curve transitions are rounded off so that the door movement is smooth and jerk-free.

    Travel curve