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Energy Analytics

  • Информационные материалы

    Информационные материалы

    Siemens has packaged different energy management functions in a range of modules. These modules allow you to assemble the exact energy data management package to suit your requirements: ranging from a simple, low-cost solution to a highly advanced energy data management system with many options.

    Data is transferred automatically via an encrypted connection, by sending your energy data to the Energy Analytics web portal by means of the Energy Box or Energy App.

    Standardized dashboards can be used to visualize and analyze your data in the Energy Analytics web portal.

    With the “Energy Efficiency Analysis” module, Siemens Energy Experts analyze your data and send the results to you via the Energy Analytics web portal.


    Energy Analytics Portal

    Art.-No.: 9AS2111-1AB11-1AA1
    (Energy Analytics Portal. Monthly fee / 2 year contract term)

    The Energy Analytics Portal offers you a fast and cost-effective point of entry to energy data management. It offers you the opportunity to familiarize yourself quickly and easily with Energy Analytics and supplies you with initial results after a few days. Thanks to the modular structure of the Energy Analytics offering, you can extend the Energy Analytics Portal at any time by adding on additional modules to suit your needs.

    The Energy Analytics Portal contains up to 20 data points. Furthermore, the data acquisition can be done both automatically with the Energy App or the Energy Box, as well as manually via the Energy Analytics web portal. The Data recording runs with 15-minute collection frequency. The Energy Analytics Portal contains 5 dashboards and a Quickchart per data point. The Basic Report can be selected to report weekly, monthly or yearly summaries, and the management report monthly.

    The Energy Analytics Portal requires an additional connection either via the Energy Box (Art.-No.: 9AS2112-2AA11-1AA1) or the Energy App (Art.-No.: 9AS2112-1AA11-1AA1), which must be ordered additionally.

    Add on "Additional data points”

    Art.-No.:9AS2113-1BA11-1AA1 (10 Data Points)
    Art.-No.: 9AS2113-1BA14-1AA1 (50 Data Points)
    Art.-No.: 9AS2113-1BA16-1AA1 (100 Data Points)
    Monthly fee / 2 year contract term

    To expend the functional scope of the “Energy Analytics Portal” you can acquire additional data points as an add-on. Packages with 10, 50 or 100 data points are available to you. When you purchase a package, you can receive the following services additionally depending on the number of data points you select:


    Standard scope

    Add-on for 10 data points

    Add-on for 50 data points

    Add-on for 100 data points

    Basic and Management Report


    Expansion of reports

    Expansion of reports

    Expansion of reports



    Up to +3

    Up to +13

    Up to +25

    Optional module “Weather Normalization"

    Art.-No.: 9AS2113-1BA21-1AA1 (Monthly fee / 2 year contract term)

    Weather data from a nearby weather station is automatically retrieved and reported. The weather data can be used to normalize your energy data from the effects of the weather. This eliminates weather influences on your energy consumption in the evaluation.

    Optional module “Dashboard & Report Customization”

    Art.-No.: 9LF1110-8EA10-0AA; on request from your contact person in the Siemens Expert Center

    The "Dashboard & Report Customization" option offers you the possibility of having the presentation of the information from your plant adapted to your specific requirements by our energy experts.

    Typical applications includes the comparison of average KPI values, the creation of multi-site dashboards (overview of several locations), as well as the creation of complex visualizations (e.g. Sankey diagrams).

    Optional module “Energy Efficiency Analyses”

    Art.-No.: 9LF1110-8EA20-0AA0; on request from your contact person in the Siemens Expert Center

    Using the data and information collected, the following analyses can be carried out for you in the Siemens Expert Center, and potential energy cost savings can be identified and recommendations for actions derived:

    • Analysis of non-productive periods: Analysis of non-productive periods provides indications as to how to reduce your base load.
    • Analysis of the potential for optimizing load scheduling: A load schedule helps you to optimize your plant and avoid peak load periods.
    • Analysis of the EnPIs (Energy Performance Indicators) for plant optimization: Siemens works with you to develop EnPIs for your company and then supplies a steady stream of reports and analyses based on the EnPIs defined.
    • Analysis of the potential for optimization at field level: The analysis of the potential for optimization at field level uses the obtained energy data to identify potential efficiency gains at field level. Siemens employs various evaluation mechanisms such as EnPI analyses and normalization to reveal concealed potential.

    Область применения

    • For multinational energy benchmarking and sustainability programs
    • For mid-sized companies or sites with energy costs > € 1 per year
    • For discrete manufacturing in multiple shifts and global production networks
    • For those interested in company-wide, scalable EDMS (Energy Data Management System) solutions
    • For facility management, energy management functions and financial managers
    • For hybrid processes with significant energy / resource costs and quality standards


    • A cloud-based management service requires minimal amounts of your resources
    • Advanced data analytics by our energy data experts provides actionable insights
    • Cost savings of up to 15% by reducing the energy consumption and increasing production quality and output can be achieved
    • Automated reports to be viewed and shared with your team and management in your web portal
    • Monthly subscription allows for OPEX (operational expenditure) instead of CAPEX (capital expenditure)