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SIMIT - Simulation platform for virtual commissioning

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    SIMIT for simulating new machines during development

    SIMIT allows you to simulate the interaction between your machine tool or production machine and your automation system at all stages of product development, from commissioning through to sales and after-sales.

    Long before you finish developing a machine and building a prototype, you can simulate its performance using SIMIT. For this purpose, the automation system is simply coupled with a virtual behavioral model of the machine. This coupling has been optimized for high-performance machine tools and production machines with state-of-the-art control technology from Siemens such as SINUMERIK and SIMATIC.

    Your automation system – fully integrated

    SIMIT is a simulation system that supports a wide range of hardware and software interfaces to the automation system: PROFIBUS, PROFINET, PRODAVE, PLCSIM, OPC, and Shared Memory. If you want to connect the entire Control Unit, e.g. including the CNC, PLC and the Human Machine Interface to a machine model in SIMIT, you can simply use a hardware interface for PROFIBUS. The axis values of the CNC are transferred to the PLC using the software option SINUMERIK Integrate for engineering Run MyCC /ADAS and thus become visible for SIMIT. SIMIT provides consistent support for the exchange of data with the engineering environment of your automation system.

    The 2-channel interface module IM-PBDP-2 simulates PROFIBUS DP standard slaves and SIMATIC S7 slaves, including fail-safe SIMATIC slaves. Up to 125 DP slaves in a DP master system can be simulated per channel. The interface module is connected to the PC via Ethernet.

    SIMIT makes simulation as simple as it can be

    Even though computer simulation is often regarded as a highly complex process, you do not need to be a simulation specialist to work effectively with SIMIT. All you need to do is operate the ergonomically designed, graphical user interface of SIMIT, while the application itself processes all mathematical and IT procedures associated with the simulation invisibly in the background. Furthermore, a 3D VRML Viewer (integrated in SIMIT) permits simple visualization of machines and plants.

    In addition, the shared-memory interface SIMIT Ultimate can also be connected to tools such as the Siemens PLM Mechatronics Concept Designer – for extensive 3-D physical simulation.

    SIMIT – modeling the machine

    Based on a modular principle, the simulation model of the machine is created on the SIMIT graphical user interface by the joining together of individual components and Control Units. Simulation elements are simply dragged from the library and dropped into the machine model. The extensive basic library supplied with SIMIT provides you not only with standard arithmetic and logic functions, but also blocks for interfacing a broad range of I/Os of your automation system.

    Using SIMIT's component type editor, you can create completely new types of component and use them in your simulations. You can freely define the connections and states of these component types as well as their functional and graphical response, allowing you to work extremely efficiently even when your machine models are complex.


    SIMIT Simulation Software




    Standard components library

    3D viewer based on the Virtual Reality Modeling Language VRML

    Interfaces for PROFIBUS DP, PROFINET IO, and PRODAVE

    Trends and messages

    Scripting environment

    Editor for the creation of macro components

    Editor for the creation of dynamic graphics and animations

    Automatic Control Interface and scripts

    Automatic generation of signal lists from SIMATIC Manager data

    Runtime for components developed using SIMIT Ultimate

    SIMATIC S7-PLCSIM and OPC interfaces

    Automatic generation of the actuator/sensor level based on templates/typicals

    Changes during the simulation runtime

    Remote Control Interface and virtual time management

    Shared Memory interface as high-performance coupling

    XML interface for the automatic generation of models and connections

    Development environment for own components CTE

    You can perfectly adapt SIMIT to your individual requirements by means of three software packages with graded functionality and scope.

    Customers who are already using the SIMIT/SINUMERIK Machine Simulator have the following upgrade options:

    • Generally, all customers can select one of the three new SIMIT packages
    • With regard to functionality, SIMIT/SINUMERIK MS BASIC is replaced by SIMIT Standard
    • SIMIT/SINUMERIK MS OPEN is replaced by SIMIT Ultimate with regard to functionality



    • Operating system:
      • Windows 7 Professional 32 bit/64 bit
      • Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit/64 bit
    • Software option
      SINUMERIK Integrate for engineering Run MyCC /ADAS
      Axis data output via PROFIBUS


    • SIMIT combines savings in time and cost with enhanced product quality in machine tool and production machine building. SIMIT supports you during key phases of the development of machine tool and production machine products: development, commissioning, testing, and service.
    • The automation solution used, including all of the software modules developed by the machine manufacturer, can be tested with SIMIT in advance and in a reproducible manner – all without having the real "steel and iron" version of the machine at hand.
    • A new machine can be tested without being subjected to any risk since proper functioning is checked in virtual reality. After the development work on the new machine has been completed, the virtual machine that has been generated can also be used for training, pre-sales and after-sales purposes.

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