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1FE built-in motors

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    SIMOTICS M-1FE1 built-in motors

    SIMOTICS M-1FE2 built-in motors

    The SIMOTICS M-1FE built-in motors are water-cooled synchronous motors that are supplied as stator and rotor components. When the stator and rotor have been mounted to the spindle in the spindle box, a complete spindle unit is created.

    Область применения

    The water-cooled SIMOTICS M-1FE built-in motors are used in combination with the SINAMICS S120 drive system for applica- tions that require the highest quality of machining, accuracy and running smoothness, as well as very short ramp-up times.

    There are two main versions of SIMOTICS M-1FE built-in motor available:

    • High-Torque series
      6-pole/8-pole and 16-pole synchronous motors are available that have been developed for turning and grinding machines with moderate maximum speeds.
      These motors are characterized by an extremely high torque utilization. In this case, the speed range is approximately 1:2.
    • High-Speed series
      This series includes 4-pole synchronous motors for milling applications. These motors are optimized for high maximum speeds and a speed range of over 1:4.

    A Voltage Protection Module VPM is required for certain motor types if they are operated up to maximum speed.


    The SIMOTICS M-1FE built-in motor comprises:

    • A laminated, permanent-field rotor, which, as an option, can be designed with a sleeve for simple mounting and removal.
    • A wound stator core with cooling jacket and encapsulated winding overhang
      • Free cable ends, length 0.5/1.5 m (1.64 ft/4.92 ft)
      • Two integral PTC thermistors (incl. 1 spare), optionally with full or universal protection
      • A cooling jacket into which the stator has been inserted.
    Rotor with sleeve

    Torque is transmitted to the spindle mechanically without back- lash by means of a cylindrical stepped press fit. The rotor is mounted on the spindle by thermal shrinking.

    The rotor with sleeve is pre-balanced and can be removed and subsequently remounted. The bond can be released by pressure-oil injection without affecting the joint surfaces.

    Rotor without sleeve

    Torque is transmitted to the spindle mechanically without back- lash by means of a cylindrical stepped press fit. The rotor is mounted on the spindle by thermal shrinking. Removal of the rotor is not possible with this type of mounting. Rotors without sleeves are not pre-balanced.


    Comparison of synchronous/asynchronous spindles

    Advantages of SIMOTICS M-1FE1 synchronous spindle over asynchronous spindle

    Comparison of power/speed characteristics

    Comparison of torque/speed characteristics

    Power/speed and torque/speed characteristics of PE spindles compared to the asynchronous version under the following supplementary conditions: identical active part volume and identical rated current (60 A) of the Motor Module.


    • Compact design (e.g. for turning machines and vertical milling machines) by dispensing with mechanical components, such as motor switch armature, belt drive, gearbox and spindle encoder
    • High power density thanks to water cooling
    • Maximum speeds up to 40000 rpm, torques up to 1530 Nm in S1 duty
    • Higher torque – up to 60 % – with the same active component volume, consequently more compact machine design compared to SIMOTICS M-1PH2
    • Extremely short ramp-up and braking times (50 %) thanks to higher torque compared to SIMOTICS M-1PH2
    • Cold rotor due to excitation using permanent magnets in the lower speed range and lower power losses in the rotor, resulting in reduced bearing temperature rise and spindle expansion
    • The stator and rotor are ready to install, no finishing is necessary
    • The absence of drive transverse forces permits extremely high accuracy on the workpiece thanks to smooth, accurate spindle motion even at very low speeds.
    • Larger rotor inner bore than squirrel-cage rotor of asynchronous motors, but with the same outer diameter – of advantage with regard to the bar capacity of automatic turning machines and results in higher spindle stiffness due to larger shaft diameters for milling spindles
    • Increased rigidity of the spindle drive, achieved by mounting the motor components between the main spindle bearings
    • Less cooling capacity required for the same power compared to SIMOTICS M-1PH2, i.e. greater efficiency
    • Only one encoder (hollow-shaft measuring system) for sensing motor speed and spindle position
    • Simple servicing by replacing complete motor spindles
    • Compatible system of SINUMERIK, SINAMICS S120 and motor, therefore fast commissioning is ensured
    • Higher machine productivity:
    • The permanently excited motor spindles (PE spindles) increase the power density and economic efficiency of CNC machines. The optimized combination of SIMOTICS M-1FE built-in motor, drive control and CNC offers further opportunities for rationalization, such as shorter workpiece machining times and fewer clamping faces.

    Технические данные

    Product name

    SIMOTICS M-1FE built-in motor

    Type of machine

    Synchronous spindle with permanent-field rotor

    Range of constant power

    1:2 (6-/8-/16-pole)/1:4 (4-pole)

    Recommended coolant inlet temperature, approx.

    25 °C (77 °F)

    Standard protection
    temperature monitoring

    2 KTY thermistors in the stator winding, 1 × spare

    Full protection optional

    Application example: Machining when motor is stationary

    In addition to standard protection

    3 × PTC thermistor triplet
    Evaluation option, e.g. using thermal motor protection: Article No.: 3RN1013-1GW10

    Universal protection optional

    Full protection + NTC PT3-51F + NTC K227

    Stator winding insulation in accordance with EN 60034-1 (IEC 60034-1)

    Temperature class 155 (F) for a coolant inlet temperature of 25 °C (77 °F)

    Type of construction (cf. ISO)

    Individual components: Stator, rotor

    Degree of protection in accordance with IEC 60034-5


    Balance quality of rotors in accordance with ISO 1940-1


    • Rotor with sleeve

    Version specific

    • Pre-balanced, balance quality G 2.5
      Reference speed 3600 rpm
    • Non-balanced for full balancing after assembly
    • Rotor without sleeve


    Encoder system

    (not included in scope of supply)

    Hollow-shaft measuring system with sinusoidal voltage signals 1 Vpp and with zero mark

    Motor connection

    Free cable ends, length 0.5 m/1.5 m (1.64 ft/4.92 ft)

    Rating plate

    2 units enclosed separately

    Дальнейшая информация

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